The Growing Trend Of Healthcare

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The Growing Trend Of Healthcare

Healthcare is a very distinct word that can be skewed to mean something completely different.  For instance healthcare is not visiting your medical doctor on a frequent basis for so called “Check-ups”.  Webster’s dictionary states : Health-care – efforts made to maintain or restore physical, mental, or emotional well-being especially by trained and licensed professionals.  Taking care of your body is something that requires handwork and consistency.  It’s the little things that add up.

Healthcare Scams

Anyway that someone can try and make money off of somebody else happens all to often.  Here are some quick examples of why health sells in the marketplace.  All leading back to taking care of yourself is hard work.

  • Waist training belts. The idea that you can lose fat and get in shape by putting a vibrating belt on.  Listen up, exercise is hard to do and yet so rewarding when done right.
  • Diet pills.  Once again the concept that taking something artificial is going to change you.  Being diligent with your diet is tough work.  Limit your cheat days.
  • Fat-free food.  Depending on how much you know, trust me.  Fat is good in moderation and where it comes from.
  • Miracle Fixes.  There is nothing short of a miracle that would not have been discovered by now when it comes to health.  Health is not changing, our viewpoints are.

Back To The Basics For Specific Healthcare

When the body is weakened by stress, toxins, poor nutrition, or lack of exercise, disease has a better chance of getting a foothold.   Chiropractic ensures that the body is functioning at optimal potential without any gimmicks.  Realize that the central nerve system is what chiropractic focuses on.  A healthy and connected nerve system allows life to be expressed at 100% vitality.  ​The path to health is not easy. You must take time to eat right, prepare your day, and get adjusted. You must schedule exercise into your day. You must sleep well. You must be willing to take action.


Feeling vs Function

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Feeling vs Function

Feeling good vs functioning good!  What is the concept we are going for here?  Excellent Q!  When going to a chiropractor one of the biggest mistakes is that you start to feel good and you stop going.  Well some people say it is addicting to go to a chiropractor or once you go you will always have to go!  You are right!  Because, it is addicting to function at your optimal health!  You do not go to your orthodontist and have braces put on your teeth for two weeks and expect those chompers to be in place do you?  Simply stated, feeling good is just not good enough.  Just because you are feeling good does not mean your body is functioning at its true potential.  As chiropractors we address your causative signs and symptoms.  It is not normal to have irregular menses, high blood pressure, persistent tingling sensations, constipation, headaches, and etc etc.  If your body is functioning and showing signs and symptoms of dysfunction then there is an underlying problem.  Sure you might feel good later or the next day, but it does not mean the problem was taken care of.  If your body is functioning in a way that it shows you signs and symptoms, then that is not normal and regardless of how you look and feel there is dysfunction present.

Chiropractors are concerned with how your body functions as an entire unit.  Let us explain.  You recently go in for a medical check up and yep….you have have high blood pressure.  So, what is the solution?  Put you on anti-hypertensives and focus solely on that “bad” heart of yours.  It just so happens to get worse and you then have to see a cardiologist, who “specializes” in “bad” hearts.  This entire time you could be feeling just fine though, you look good, dress good, and yep you feel great!  However, your function as a unit (body) is not correct.  Chiropractors address your cause of your high blood pressure.  Chiropractors are not going to focus on the heart solely and specifically.  Chiropractors will address the cause of what is controlling your heart to malfunction.  Guess what that happens to be…..your nerves!  High blood pressure just like all signs and symptoms are that….signs and symptoms that dysfunction is apparent in your body.  You could be coming into the office and feeling just dandy.  However, if you have dysfunction in your nerves then you are performing at a lower level then you should be.  For us as a chiropractors feeling good is just not good enough for us to hear.  WE want your body to be functioning at 100%.  Have your nerves checked!