Energy Levels Decreased Mid-Day – Ryhmes & Reasons Why

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Energy Levels Decreased Mid-Day – Rhymes & Reasons Why


Mid-day hits and all of a sudden our body feels drained and almost like we need a power-nap.  It’s only 2:30 p.m. though and it seems that this keeps happening over and over again.  Your energy levels are becoming depleted before the day is over.  I can try and combat this with some fruity-tooty energy drink, extra coffee, more sugar, or a caffeine drip into my arm.  Seems like no matter what you do your body keeps wearing down its energy stores every day around the same time.  So, let’s start at the foundation of this issue.  Hands down, on a daily basis, we know our diet and regular exercise are essential for a vital life.  This is at our common core and true fundamentals.  Ok, now that the diet and exercise have been dealt with, let’s dive into the chiropractic rationale.  You could eat all your greens and run 10 miles a day and still not be healthy, or have the energy you want.  If your body has an inability to process all of your super greens and all the miles you run, that processing is dealt specifically and solely with YOUR nerve system.  

Alright, what is one thing that we experience every single day for our entire life that everyone has to go “through?”  Gravity!  So, what holds us up?  Our skeletal system.  What keeps our skeletal system together and functioning correctly?  Our musculoskeletal system.  Who controls our musculoskeletal system to make sure we are firing on all cylinders?  YOUR nerve system!  Now, imagine if you have bad posture and you have improper curvatures in your spinal column.  Your muscles are not only going to be working to go against gravity, they are and will be working to keep you upright due to your improper curvatures.  So, your muscles will be working over-time due to your body’s ability to make sure you stay upright. In conclusion, you will be consuming more energy and your entire health will be compromised (lowered energy levels as well).  Have your nerves checked by a chiropractor and sustain proper function and control of your muscle tone and balance.  Control the nerve, control your energy levels.