Pretty Poor Posture

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Pretty Poor Posture


Posture is your body’s alignment when sitting, standing, walking, and any basic movement.  The center focus of our alignment is our spinal column and consistent with those structures is your overall skeletal system.  Your musculoskeletal system is then responsible for holding that skeletal system in place.  Guess what just so happens to control and maintain proper function in both of these systems?  The NERVE SYSTEM, your body’s only master control system.  Poor posture wreaks havoc on our society and it does not seem to be getting any better.  Poor posture is a direct result of stress that your body “learns” to deal with.  Stress is placed on your body physically, mentally, and chemically.

Example- We undergo gravity our entire life, our skeletal system keeps us up right, muscle holds bones together, nerves make sure everything is functioning correctly.  Then stress is applied to our nerve system such as a subluxation (pinched nerve).  If that “pinched nerve” is not capable of sending the correct message from the brain to the muscle to make sure the muscle holds, what is the consequence?  Poor posture!  Now, this is just one example of how poor posture can show itself.

From a structural aspect, your spine will twist, curve, and form to the stress that is placed on your body.  Imagine that your spine is like a telephone pole.  The telephone poles are supposed to be strong, durable, and most important, straight and allow proper communication to go forth.  Your spine, when you look at someone straight on (head-to-head) should be straight; when looking at someone from the side there should be 3 curves in the spinal column.  Much like when stress is placed on the telephone pole the messages and communication are inhibited or severely altered.  The same with your spine, if poor posture is evident that equals stress on your nerve system.  Stress on your nerve system leads to disconnection from your brain to your organs, cells, tissues, glands, etc.

We think of poor posture as more of a cosmetic problem when, in essence, it is a health problem.  Poor posture has a direct correlation with the disease process.  Inhibit messages from brain to vital organs and things stop working correctly.  Chiropractic realizes this correlation with your posture and your overall health.  Specific X-rays are utilized so that your spine and your care is personalized and geared towards you!  Have your nerve checked!