Asthma And Chiropractic Care

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Asthma And Chiropractic Care


Asthma and chiropractic care.  Most do not understand this statement or why someone would seek chiropractic care for it.  Realize that any sign and symptom your body produces is a red flag that something is not working right.  A sign and symptom is a central nerve system disturbance that is created via a subluxation.  A subluxation is what chiropractor’s locate and adjust if necessary.  A subluxation creates dysfunction within the nerve system by limiting the messages your body should be receiving from brain to body and vice versa.  Having a subluxation that exists for any extended period of time will significantly limit your potential in life.

Asthma and chiropractic care locates the cause of your dysfunction in your body.  Asthma is often related to the alignment of the first and second thoracic vertebrae.  These two vertebrae have nerves that exit and support and control your lung fields as well as your tubes.  Imagine if there was pressure upon these nerves, your body is not going to be responding and functioning the way it is supposed to be.  Asthma and chiropractic care look at your body as an entire unit with the understanding that your nerve system is the master controller.  Asthma and chiropractic care realizes that your immune system is compromised.  Your central nerve system regulates and controls your immune system.  asthma and chiropractic care

Asthma and chiropractic is and should be your first response.  Chiropractic care is not going to cure anything, it is going to allow your body to heal and restore normal function.  No medication is required, no surgery has to be performed, just specific chiropractic adjustments.  Asthma and chiropractic care is a way to live to your fullest without the need of restrictions.   Everyone is designed to be healthy, naturally.  Use the resources in your community if you are suffering and live to your fullest.  

Symptoms represent the body’s best efforts to heal itself.  By treating symptoms, you are suppressing the body’s natural response and inhibiting the healing process.  Instead of treating symptoms, doctors should stimulate the body’s defense to allow for completion of the healing process – Dr. Stephen Cummings