What Is Pain?

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What Is Pain?

What is the actual sensation of pain?  Well, what is pain?  Everyone experiences pain differently and the particular “kind” we are focusing on is physical pain.  We often assume that pain is present after being involved in a trauma (car accident, skiing accident, etc.) and that it should resolve within a couple of days.  For the most part the actual sensation of physical pain will subside after a major accident, injury or trauma.  Some individuals will not feel the sensation of pain for years down the road until they do something in their normal routine of life and BOOM the pain strikes again!  Then after waiting again for a couple of days or weeks the pain subsides and we think we are all better.  This cycle will repeat on and off depending on your quality of life and continue to be a part of you.  During your bouts of pain throughout the years your body will give you periodically signs and symptoms, which are not initially “painful” but inhibit your lifestyle.  What is pain?  Pain is your body’s way of letting you know for a brief instant that something is wrong, consider it an SOS message.

The Insanity Cycle

What is pain?  When we think about pain we often think about chiropractors.  Understand that when your body is under distress you still have to function, ultimately your body is not designed to feel the sensation of pain for periods of time.  Your body will activate your adrenal glands and other protective mechanisms to make sure you are functioning and not exhibiting pain.  Years go on with your body wasting unnecessary energy by constantly living in protection mode (not pain) enabling you to go day to day with limited function.  Then when your body needs a quick rest and “spins out” the sensation of pain is present again.  In between these bouts of pain your signs and symptoms will manifest (migraines, irregular cycle, chronic sickness, constipation, etc.).  What is pain?  The same pain you feel regulates and controls organs, cells, tissues, and glands, it is a NERVE!  Pain, signs and symptoms are all transmitted via nerves.  This entire cycle borders on insanity constantly experiencing the same difficulties without ever doing anything for it.

Pain Vs Chiropractic

What is pain?  Specific chiropractic care can help with your pain.  The sensation of pain is so small with regards to your nerves that chiropractic can get you out of pain as fast as possible.  Once you are “out” of pain though that is when your body can begin to heal with chiropractic care.  The reason for this is because if your body is in pain you are constantly protecting yourself, your body is not focused on growth and healing.  Your body cannot be in two different stages, protection and growth.  Don’t wait for pain to be your sign to seek help, be preventive and allow your body to grow to your optimal potential.