Don’t Cover Up Signs And Symptoms

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Don’t Cover Up Signs And Symptoms

Covering up signs and symptoms is and has been a continuing trend in our society.  When signs and symptoms are expressed in your body it should be a red flag that dysfunction is present within the entire body (think of the body as a well oiled machine).  What are signs and symptoms that something is functionally wrong with our body? High blood pressure, colic, constipation, irregular cycle, ear infections, and the list goes on and on.  Unfortunately, we grow a custom to our signs and symptoms and begin to think they are a normal way of life for us.  If the symptoms persist for a time we tend to cover them up with artificial stimuli such as medication or cope in other methods.  While the medication might be a temporary “fix” the true underlying problem is not yet addressed.  Signs and symptoms are the beginning stage of dis-ease within in the body.  Over time as your body compensates for dysfunction with a particular symptom your entire central nerve system begins to malfunction.

What Signs And Symptoms Really Are

Recognize that any sign or symptoms that your body gives you is directly related to the nerve system.  There has to be a cause and effect for what you are experiencing and the cause is related to the nerve system.  Understanding this concept is not far-fetched, the nerve system regulates and controls all functions within the body.  Now, we realize that if someone hits you with a blunt object or if you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day then obviously you have your cause.  The signs and symptoms that we are referring to are associated with everyday life that often go unexplained or point to a specific organ that is malfunctioning.  The thought process goes along the lines of this: high blood pressure = blame the heart, constipation =  blame the GI tract and so on.  While yes, the sign and symptom is apparent in that particular organ, why is it happening?  If a nerve has pressure upon it, the messages from the brain are going to be cut-off or limited to that particular organ, cell, tissue or gland.  As a consequence of not receiving proper messages from the brain, the body will develop signs and symptoms which in turn will lead to the dis-ease process.


Chiropractic focuses specifically on the nerve system.  Tell a chiropractor a specific sign and symptom and we will show you the nerve that regulates and controls that particular organ, cell, tissue or gland.  Chiropractors look to find dysfunction within the nerve system by locating subluxations.  Subluxations place undo stress on a specific nerve creating an entire central nerve system malfunction.  Subluxations can exist for years without you knowing it directly, until signs and symptoms manifest.  Specific chiropractic adjustments remove the subluxations and allow your body to HEAL.  Have your nerve system checked for possible subluxations.