Protect Your Neck

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Protect Your Neck

Posture, posture, posture!  It seems like we have always been reminded about the responsibility of our posture and what it involves to make sure we are walking around straight.  In our growing society of computers, cell phones, videos games, and gadgets our posture often becomes compromised.  With the technology changes often we compromise our posture, more specifically speaking our neck posture.  Protect your muscles by having sound bio-mechanics with your posture on a day to day basis when dealing with “gadgets.”

Text Neck

Text neck is a trend that is making headway and is most likely here to stay as long as cell phones are a daily part of our lives.  When texting, the biggest component to protect your posture is to bring the cell phone UP to your eyes and not bring your eyes down to the phone.  This in time will create fundamental habits to protect your muscles and support your posture.  Text neck over time creates disturbances within your spine by creating constant muscle tension and fatigue by improper posture.

Computer Neck

Computer neck applies not only to PCs but also video games and tablets as well.  You see people that have computer neck in two different variables.  There are the individuals that have their monitor setup and have them leaning in so far forward that they are almost touching the screen with their nose.  They have rounded shoulders and their head is so far forward that this just becomes the new norm for them.  The other variable with computers are the individuals who have good posture but their monitor is below eye level.  This in time resembles that of text neck as they are constantly looking down towards their monitor.  Both of these variables chronically place discomfort on the surrounding muscles and strain them over time.


Chiropractic relieves constant muscle fatigue, tension, tightness and anything else you can think of when it comes to improper posture.  Chiropractic addresses the nerves that are controlling the muscles thus relieving symptoms naturally.  Chiropractic properly aligns the spine to allow your body to function and restore normal posture.  This is done by relieving stress upon the nerves that enable your body to heal and adapt over time to create that picture perfect posture we were always taught about.