Age Is Not A Disease – Why Chiropractic Works

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Age Is Not A Disease – Why Chiropractic Works

Age is not a disease.  Many new patients that begin chiropractic care and happen to be older present with numerous health problems.  The first response that is given to why this has happened is because they are “getting older.”  Our society deems that after a certain time of living everything is just completely lost.  Time for social security, AARP, pill consumption, and hospital visits.  This does not have to be the case.  Starting with a healthy body begins and ends with the inside.

The Age Of Research

It was also great to discover that after 12 weeks of chiropractic care the participants physical component of health-related quality of life had improved significantly (The Reality Check).  One of the biggest challenges we face as we age is using all of our senses together.  All your senses coordinate specific actions that the brain has to process and utilize to allow you to function.  As we age we understand that our processing is just a “little” slower than it was when we were in our twenties.  Now, it does not mean that our processing is not there though.  Multi-sensory processing is allowing the brain to coordinate proper function through specific movement of the spine.  The spine provides all nourishment to the brain to allow proper expression of health.

Age Is Beauty

Aging does not have to feared and loathed that health problems are right around the corner. Often health challenges comes with neglect that we perceive we are healthy because we “look” good on the outside.  So, age gracefully and plan on chiropractic to keep you going.  By adjusting a specific subluxation within the spine, the brain has complete awareness of what is going on.  A subluxation puts the blindfold over the brain.  Better to have awareness than to let the body guess on your health.





Ever Become Dis-Connected In A Phone Call?

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Ever Become Dis-connected In A Phone Call?

When talking on the phone and you immediately lose connection with the other person can become very frustrating.  Often times due to poor reception or maybe even hitting a wrong button.  Regardless of the reason why it happened, it is frustrating yet the same.  The worst case is when your talking and explaining a story for 10 minutes and there is nobody else on the line.  You were dis-connected the entire time without even knowing.  The same can be said for a subluxation.  A subluxation is dis-connected.  A subluxation does not all full power to the brain to body communication lines.

I Feel Like I Know When I Am Dis-connected

The age old adage “My back is outta whack” or “My back is out.”  Perfectly honest, I do not know what that means.  Now, we know that pain itself will be the last symptom that your body reports to the brain.  What people actually are trying to convey is that their muscles have been creating ABNORMAL movements to compensate for their subluxation.  Remember, nerves control the muscles.  When the muscles are overworking thus tension, spasm, knots are created.  A subluxation can go on for years without a body fully responding to it’s limitations.  Then after years of diconnect with he brain, enter the vocabulary “My back is outta whack.”

Get Connected Not Dis-connected

Long before the subluxation actually truly manifests you are losing full power to the area that the nerve supplies.  A subluxation is like a constant dimming of the lights.  Even though you can do everything you want with half power, your body is still not at full power.  Running on half power can only last for some time.  Specific chiropractic adjustments to areas of subluxations allow the body to re-boot.  An adjustment it like re-booting your computer and starting afresh again.  It allows the body to adapt and to heal to the dysfunction that has been present for some time.  You will always heal and adapt if you let your body do what it is supposed to do.

The Spine – Protecting Your Bodies Body Armor

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The Spine – Protecting Your Bodies Body Armor

The very first entity that is developed in the embryonic stage is the central nerve system (CNS).  This is the brain, spinal cord, and surrounding nerves.  The most important system within the entire body is the central nerve system.  For it builds, develops, and CREATES all other systems within the developing body.  Does this seem important to you?  You better believe it.  This is simply due to the fact that life would simply not exist without the CNS.  With the importance of the CNS it needs to be protected.  Enter the spine.  The spine has important roles to play.  The most obvious and distinct is to protect and provide body armor for your CNS.

The Spine Is “Outta Whack”

This verbiage is often utilized to describe something that is not really happening.  If the spine was really “outta whack” you would not be alive.  It’s just words that we like to describe some sort of pain or discomfort felt in the back region.  So, what really happens when the spine is neglected?  Subluxations occur.  Subluxations are what chiropractors are trained to locate and adjust specifically.  A subluxation creates a disconnect with the brain – body connection.  Think of the brain as the all seeing eye.  When a spinal bone/disc irritate a specific nerve fiber it creates dysfunction with what that nerve is supposed to be performing.  What is the nerve supposed to be doing?  Remember that nerve built, developed, and created all the other system in the body.  So, now it has to keep them operational.

Can I Get A New Spine

One subluxation will create havoc on the entire spine.  As a result of a subluxation the spine will create abnormal movement patterns to compensate.  Your spine needs to be freely movable and free of limitations.  Life is motion and motion is life.  Specific motion into a subluxation allows the brain – body connection to once again be established.  You only have one spine, so take care of it.  For taking care of your spine is ensuring your taking care of your health.


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Looking For The Quick Fix From Out Of Pain?

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Looking For The Quick Fix From Out Of Pain?

Ever hear of that magic adjustment that your friend received and was out of pain for years?  10 out of 10 the adjustment is going to deliver healing capabilities.  As long as the adjustment was specific and direct there is no other option for the body but to heal.  The problem with this dilemma is, the education and doctors report that needs to be delivered.  Truth be told there is really no such thing as a true “quick fix.”  Many chiropractic patients only come to get out of pain.  While a noble cause and gesture from your chiropractor, you need to understand what our (chiropractor) true purpose really is.

I Am Out Of Pain So I Am Out Of Chiropractic

Some people think that only coming to the chiropractor is when you are in pain.  This is treating chiropractic like a ER room.  This does not quantify what chiropractic actually is.  If you treat a chiropractor like a hospital you will only get hospital like results. Band-aids.  Crutch’s.  Cover–ups.  While necessary at times, it is not chiropractic.  Never really addressing the true cause.  We tell our patients that if you only come to the chiropractor when you are in pain, that makes as much sense as only eating healthy when your sick.  The body is not designed for the quick fix.  We assume this only based on pharmaceutical companies and how easily and readily pain reliving stimulants are available to us.  Go to any gas station and see how many pain relieving “quick” drugs are out there.

Skip The Fix & Go For The Heal

If you are looking to heal, look first towards the central nerve system (CNS).  The healing capabilities begins and ends with the properties that the CNS controls.  You have to regenerate cellular tissue.  The tissue cell is regulated and controlled via the CNS.  Chiropractic care not only improves spinal function – it allows your body to heal.  When you have normal movement patterns in the spinal region the CNS is free to do what it needs.  Which is to protect and maintain your homeostasis.  Simple.  Getting out of pain is easy.  The healing process is what HAS to happen or else we are bordering on insanity.  Get your nerves checked by a specific chiropractor.


Things To Look For When Buying Health

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Things To Look For When Buying Health

The health market is and always will be filled with the latest and newest fad.  Why?  Because we assume that health is something that can be bought, bartered, traded, or consumed.  A reference that I often think about when it comes to buying health is the Kevin Costner movie Tin Cup.  In  shortened version, Costner loses his dominate swing and decides that what he needs is exactly what he doesn’t.  Gimmicks.  He buys the latest and newest gimmicks that will “improve” his swing.  Our health is often associated with the same tendencies.

Beware Of The Doctor Recommendation

When the key tagline of the product states that it is doctor recommended, you need to stop and think.  Top variable to consider when thinking about a product is that health sells.  Where does the money trail lead to?  Just because a doctor puts a credibility stamp on it, means nothing.  Remember back in the day doctors used to endorse smoking.  Google the verb age “doctors and smoking” and follow the trail.

The Instant Fix Of Buying Health

Guess what?  There is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to health.  Time is the biggest factor.  When you have 2 week fads or other shenanigans claiming to do this or that.  Come back to reality.  Any change that you are looking to acquire will take time.  This concept of change on the body requires time.  If you are constantly shocking the body with this diet, and this pill, and this supplement for only short periods of time, you are wasting your money.  Buying health requires time.

Health Has Not Changed & Nor Will It

The claims will never stop of the newest and latest gadget to shed off pounds or any other device that is invented to make a quick buck.  So, just ignore them.  Get back to the basics that have survived the test of time.  Superficially to be healthy you need to eat a substantial diet and exercise.  Simple.  On the inside of the body make sure your central nerve system is running at 100%.  If you are looking to be healthy do you choose the hospital or the chiropractic office?  Simple.  Chiropractic care makes sure that the well people stay well.  Chiropractic care is done without lotions, potions, gimmicks, or fads.



It’s What’s Inside That Counts: Facts About The Spine

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It’s What’s Inside That Counts: 3 Facts About The Spine

The age old adage, “It’s what’s inside that counts.”  Powerful words to live by if you actually break the sentence down and live by it.  The healthiest people are the ones that understand health begins from the inside.  Specifically speaking the spine which houses the central nerve system.  For the sake of the blog we will be talking directly about the spine (spinal column, the vertebrae).  Not neglecting the importance of the central nerve system, just separating out the two distinct entities.

Fact 1: The Sole Importance Of Your Spine

The spine is also known as the spinal column, vertebral column, or even people say your back bone.  Whatever suits your fancy.  The first importance of the spine is to be a coat of armor for the most important thing in your entire body, the central nerve system.  The spine is made up of 24 collective bones.  Bones are hard and dense.  They serve to protect you and keep your central nerve system from harms way.

Fact 2:  It’s All About Curves

The spinal column is designed to have 3 curvatures within it when viewing somebody from the side view.  These curves act as giant shock absorbs for your constant wear and tear on the body.  When you look at someone face to face there the spinal column should be completely straight.  Gravity is constantly being applied to you everyday.  Having strong structural curves allows your body to adapt to the physical stress.

Fact 3:  Start Young When Addressing The Spine

Guess what?  Kids and chiropractic makes sense.  Did you know that children have approximately 33 vertebrae?  The word approximately is used loosely due to the fact that they are still growing.  These bones are constantly being formed and fused together. It is no secret to parents that health problems begin early in life.  Look at the physical stress a child endures during birth, learning to crawl, walk, run, dance, and live.  Look towards the spinal column to address ones overall health.

3 Facts About Chiropractic Adjustments

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3 Facts About Chiropractic Adjustments

Specificity Is Key For Chiropractic Adjustments

Every organ, tissue, gland, and cell is maintained and controlled via your central nerve system.  Chiropractic focuses specifically and solely on the central nerve system.  A subluxation is when a vertebrae places pressure on a nerve.  This pressure is very minimal, the weight of a dime.  This pressure creates dysfunction by limiting the firing potential of the nerve.  Thus creating chaos within ones body.  Finding the right subluxation is unique and specific towards you.  A chiropractic adjustments have to have rationale.  X-ray analysis allows chiropractic to see what’s really going on.  It limits all guessing.

Speed Is A Must For Chiropractic Adjustments

Speed is defiantly a huge component of a chiropractic adjustment.  In order to impact the central nerve system, chiropractors have to influence spinal function.  A chiropractic adjustment needs to be delivered in under 200 milliseconds to induce physiological changes.  Chiropractors need to be faster than their patients.  Simple.  An easy way to think about speed is understanding applying force against somebody.  Our immediate response when someone leans on us is to activate muscles to counter the action.  Subluxations alter the brain processing which creates spinal function to be guarded.  When somehting is guarded it’s protected.  An adjustment has to be faster than your muscle response.

What Do Chiropractic Adjustments Actually Do

After a specific chiropractic adjustment to a subluxation, the body has no other option but to adapt…HEAL.  Adapting allows processing and integration of the brain to be optimal.  It restore proper function to the body as a whole.  An adjustment evokes para-spinal muscles to fire and send messages back to the brain.  Which in turn reconnects the brain-body connection.  Thus allowing your body to adapt to the stress placed on it.  Think of this way.  A subluxation alters input from the brain to the body.  It disconnects the messages and scrambles them up.  A specific chiropractic adjustment reconnects the pathway.

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Ever Feel Disconnected From Your Body

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Ever Feel Disconnected From Your Body

Ever have the feeling that you and your body are just disconnected?  Could be a reoccurring theme for some.  Could of just happened by chance for others.  Either way the body is trying to communicate to you.  Listen to the body and head it’s advice.  Every single day in our office we talk about being disconnected.  It’s a realization that your chiropractor should explain to you.  The body is doing something for a reason. Listen.  ​Misalignment causes irritation of the spinal nerves, and this irritation, in turn, will lead to symptoms.


The simplest way to explain what a chiropractic adjustment is doing, is reconnecting.  Think of plugging a lamp back in to the outlet.  You see when a subluxation occurs it causes dysfunction within the entire central nerve system.  Which means your entire body.  Initially a subluxation is like dimming lights.  You can still see.  You can still function.  You basically can do everything you want to do.  Not at 100% though.  That should not be normal for you.  Yet, many people continue to live their lives like that.  Chiropractic is much more than just “pain treatments.”  Understanding the full capacity of chiropractic is grasping the body as a whole.

Living Connected

So, what happens when the body is connected.  This falls into play with people who get checked for subluxations on a regular basis.  Patients will report being in tune with their body.  They will recognize “symptoms” that are particular to them.  This ranges from: limited range of motion, poor energy, sickness, ear infections, to constipation.  A symptom is a red flag.  Recognize that living disconnected puts your health at risk.  Symptoms will appear and take over. Without directly attacking symptoms with medication.  Chiropractic restores proper connection to the brain-body pathways.  Which enables your body to HEAL.  Nothing is more powerful than enabling your body to adapt to the stress placed on it.


Overcoming The Anxiety Disorder

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Overcoming The Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorder is becoming a problem in the United States. Often simultaneously used in the same sentence as stress.  Distinctly anxiety disorder is an umbrella that encompasses a vast array of emotional disturbances.  With the disorder will come physical signs and symptoms that the body expresses.

Physical Signs & Symptoms Of Anxiety Disorder

  • Increased muscle tension
  • Dizziness
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Rapid breathing
  • Heart palipitations
  • Irritability
  • Chills/hot flashes
  • Many more

Understanding The Process Of The Disorder

To be classified as having this disorder you need to have a diagnosis.  Often times many people receive the diagnosis and then are left for chance without any direction.  Taking medication over and over again does not address the cause.   To understand the process think of the word anxiety.  Anxiety is a normal part of your life.  It’s actually healthy.  When it becomes aggressive and chronic in nature without subsiding then it becomes demoralizing.

First Order Of Business

Addressing the physical signs and symptoms should be the first order of business.  Clinically this is proven over and over again with specific chiropractic care.  Chiropractor’s have long been known to help with physical symptoms.  Then when the body is in a balanced state we can address the emotional part of the anxiety disorder.  Why?  How?  Specific adjustments actually restores spinal function which ultimately changes the way the brain functions.  An adjustment is like a computer re-boot.  It’s restored.  The key is to understand the root cause of the symptoms, easier said than done.

The Cause

When the body is unable to adapt, health cannot simply manifest.  You might say that in order to stop anxiety disorder I should just stop “thinking!”  When the body is properly connected (brain to body) life is at it’s optimal potential.  After a specific adjustment the body establishes proper connection with the pre-frontal cortex in the brain.  Think of the pre-frontal cortex as the “OG” (orignal gangster for those of us who dont know slang) the “HEAD HONCHO.”  Use whatever adjective you find appropriate.  Fact of the matter is that you need to maintain your health through specific chiropractic care.  Learn more and ask more.  Simple way is to contact us.

Pursue Health Before Trauma

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Pursue Health Before Trauma

If you are in the pursuit of healthcare then look no further.  Ask yourself a simple question.  What is the most important structure within my body?  Brain, spine, or central nerve system should be your top answer.  Without health, life cannot simply manifest.  Health within a body comes from a clear and connected central nerve system.  Without a happy central nerve system you do not have health.  Trauma should not start your way towards health.

Before The Trauma

Chiropractor’s roughly take care of 10% of the population.  A solid chunk of this number is associated with people who have sustained a trauma.  Our society dictates that when a trauma occurs that we should see a chiropractor.  This is FALSE.  Chiropractic did not start on the doctrine that after your car accident you should see your chiropractor.  Chiropractors definitely can help and assist you after the accident, it is not what chiropractic stands for though.  Chiropractic focus on health and what causes somebody to be healthy and stay that way.

Seek Health Out

Chiropractic is the only profession that allows the body to adapt and heal without altering the body externally.  This meaning NOT taking drugs, lotions, or potions or something artificially to alter the body.  How to be healthy?  Seek active health care out before a trauma occurs.  The trauma is something that occurs on a regular basis.  It is not the sudden car accident we suspect.

Types of trauma that we are referring to are the repetitions in life.  Think of the things that you do over and over again.  Repetition is the top physical trauma that brings people into the office.  Imagine if I have bad posture today.  Chances are that tomorrow I will have the same posture.  If I have to look at a computer screen all day while sitting today.  My odds tomorrow is that I will do the same thing.

Let The Body Adapt

Allowing the central nerve system to be free and connected allows changes/adaptation to occur.  Changes to the CNS allows specific messages to the rest of the body to be at 100%.  Change is always good.  #getchecked