Why Continue Chiropractic Care?

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Why Continue Chiropractic Care?

The biggest chiropractic myth out there, is “why continue chiropractic care”?  If my body is “feeling good” why would I continue with regular chiropractic care?  Simply put, it is addicting to BE healthy and chiropractic care ensures that your body is functioning at its optimal potential.  Chiropractic is specific and personalized care for every individual, your nerve system is the only one you have so you need to treat it right.  A good majority of an individual’s first visit to the chiropractor is usually for some discomfort in the lower back region.  Let it be known that the very first chiropractic adjustment was not for lower back pain, it was actually to restore the hearing in a deaf individual.  Somewhere along the line of chiropractic the words lower back pain were commonly used together.  It is true that chiropractic care can help with lower back discomfort, it is also true that usually there is still an underlying reason of why your discomfort started.

Subluxation’s are what chiropractors are trained to locate and adjust specifically.  A subluxation applies pressure on a spinal nerve thus creating an entire central nerve system dysfunction.  The spinal nerve that is controlling not only your muscles, also controls your vital organs, cells, tissues, and glands… kind of important.  Usually, before you even exhibit signs of muscle pain you will have had signs and symptoms of other nature: constipation, infertility, poor energy levels, decreased quality of sleep (the signs are different for every nerve and for everyone specifically).  Imagine a subluxation as a cavity, taking years to manifest to its true potential until you are finally aware of it.  Unlike teeth, your nerve system regulates and controls all that you do in life.  Regular check-ups allow your body to be free of subluxations.

Why continue chiropractic care?  Once the signs and symptoms are diminished it is regular supportive care to that nerve system that counts to maintain proper health.   It’s like going to the gym for the first time and “trying” it out.  Do you just go to the gym one time and end there?  Regular exercise for the entire life-span is ideal!  Regular chiropractic care to support a healthy life through a healthy nerve system.  Get your nerves checked and begin regular chiropractic care.

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