What is a Vertebral Subluxation?

Data from the environment, both external and internal, goes through the spine to get to the brain. As well as, data and decisions made in the brain go through the spine to affect certain outcomes in the body. It is a two-way flow of information that is vital for you to function in life.  A vertebral subluxation is the result of spinal bones with improper motion that CAUSE disruptions or distortions of the nerve communication. Thus resulting in an inability to fully express health, proper function and overall your true potential.

Subluxation’s will cause dysfunction within our bodies that we are not aware of.  Our body will begin to give us warning such as signs and symptoms.  We overlook these signs and symptoms and begin to think they are a “normal” way of life for us.  Your bodies potential diminishes and your overall ability to function is weakened due to the vertebral subluxation.  With our underlying CAUSE being a vertebral subluxation the signs and symptoms will continue to flourish unless the proper course of action is taken.

If your master control system (the nerve system) is healthy and functioning at 100%, then your other systems under its control will also function at 100%. The same innate intelligence that can grow a single cell into a complex human being, made of billions of cells, can also heal the body if it is free of interference or disturbances to the nervous system.  A subluxation will inhibit your body to heal and for you to express life the way you want. Getting checked for the presence of vertebral subluxation is the value you put on your life.  A healthy nervous system is the foundation for a healthy life.

As a Gonstead chiropractor we are trained to perform our chiropractic evaluation that will allow us to detect and correct the specific cause and return your power force on!

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