Keeping Yourself Natural

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We are stoked to provide material for the 406 magazine.  Newest article is out about Keeping Yourself Natural.  Understanding that people will try to sell you health and what to be aware of when in the pursuit of making sure you are healthy.  Fads and trends will always be out there.  Stick to what works.  Read our article on page 54.  Click here for online version.

The Secret To Man’s Best Exercise

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The Secret To Man’s Best Exercise

Exercise…It’s Too Easy

Do you think exercise is easy?  When it comes to your overall health and well-being the best exercise has been around for a very long time.  It’s called posture.  In reality, striving for amazing posture is no secret.  The notion of having good posture in our society is so far saturated with cover-ups due to the fact of how simple it is.  The biggest reason posture is misunderstood for the “magical” benefits it possess it because you cannot SELL it.  If you cannot make a profit off of it, what really is it worth?

The Best Exercise Is Still The Same

Is posture really an exercise?  Having good posture is actually really hard-work.  Take standing for instance.  It is a lot “easier” to slump over and have lethargic posture as opposed to standing straight-up.  The same can be said when we are sitting down.  Having the right posture means that the right muscles are working the way they should be.  With bad posture comes abnormal movement patterns that we begin to perceive as “normal.”

Get Back To The Spine…It’s No Secret

As a chiropractor we check and adjust vertebral subluxations along the spine.  After a patient receives a specific adjustment the BEST exercise that they can perform is to be diligent with their posture.  There are no gimmicks here.  It is that simple.  The spine is a “tunnel” that houses and protects the most important part of your body, the central nerve system.  Once adjusted, the spine feeds proper nutrients back to the brain.  Maintaining posture enables uninhibited flow of communication.

Re-Route The Posture

After a specific adjustment, your top priority is your posture.  Bad posture creates detours along the spine which will inhibit your overall functionality.  The first symptom experienced with bad posture is low energy.  When you use muscles, tendons, and ligaments inappropriately, your body will feel like it is working overtime.  This is the complete opposite of a healthy exercise.  Exercise can be harmful if done wrong.

What Does “My Back’s Out” Actually Mean?

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What Does “My Back’s Out” Actually Mean?

If you have ever heard someone say that “My back’s out”, what in actuality do you think that means?  In chiropractic schooling we have not been taught this meaning before.  This term “My back’s out” is something that our society uses to classify some sort of back ailment.  To answer the question, let’s look into what people are actually trying to make sense of.

 My Back’s Out To Dinner?

No, your back does not go out to dinner without you.  What are people actually feeling?  Enter the subluxation.  When a subluxtion is present within the spine for years and goes on unintended, it begins to manifest.  A subluxation is chronic irritation to a nerve fiber.  When a nerve becomes irritated the brain does not fully grasp what is going on inside the body.  The brain becomes disconnected and the body begins to suffer.  A subluxation creates different patterns within the body.  One doctor of chiropractic described a subluxation as creating a new inner reality of what we perceive as healthy.

Your Back Does Not Leave You

Your back cannot simply go “out.”  The cold hard truth is that what people actually begin to feel is often muscle imbalances.  When a subluxation exists for an extended period of time uncorrected the brain will create abnormal movement patterns.  These patterns are facilitated and controlled via an irritated nerve fiber.  Ask yourself, do you feel happy when you are irritated?  Most likely not, so imagine the distraught messages the nerve will be sending to the muscles when irritated for numerous years.  Chronic muscle spasms, knots, tension, and other characteristics of a subluxation will manifest superficially within your body.  Often, this is what people will begin to express as their “back going-out.”

Get “It” Back In

With regards to your back “going -out” the same can be said for your back “getting – in.”  When you do get adjusted your back does not simply go “back in.”  The noises that you hear after an adjustment is called a cavitation or often referred to as: popping, cracking, snapping, etc.  Instantly you can feel good after an adjustment due to hormones being released.  It takes time to fully retrain the central nerve system. Get your nerves checked and ask your chiropractor questions. #getchecked

Is Your Child Out Of Balance?

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Is  Your Child Out Of Balance?

Understanding your child is unique and specific towards each family.  Tendencies for one child will most likely be the complete opposite for the next child.  This can be said for personality and how our children are developing.  Common signs that your child needs to be checked though are specific towards the central nerve system.  Keep in mind these are “common,”  every child is different in how they express stress on the central nerve system.  Finding the balance of your child is what we do. For Instance:

  • Slow recovery from illness
  • Poor concentration
  • Hyperactivity
  • Poor sleep
  • Sensitive to gut problems

What Is IN Balance Mean?

When the central nerve system is properly connected to the body, the body does not express symptoms.  Remember the very first developed in utero is the brain and spinal column (central nerve system, CNS).  For the CNS made everything else in the body and controls it’s action till this day.  Being in balance is meaning being connected and functioning at optimal potential.  Without limitations.

  • What does slow recovery from illness mean?  If you do get sick…great.  Now, it’s time to adapt and get over it.  You should not be sick for an extended period of time nor should you be chronically sick.
  • Poor concentration.  Imagine if you body is disconnected.  This is the same concept as an animal that is being backed up into a corner.  The body will be more in tune making sure its getting by on a day to day basis.  Concentration is the least of concerns when the body is in fight mode.
  • Hyperactivity.  This builds off our previous statement of poor concentration.  Fight mode means more adrenal gland activity.  Which in turn will suppress “relaxing” hormones.
  • Poor sleep.  The last thing the body is ready to do when disconnected is rest.  It NEEDS to rest and relax.  It will enter into this phase of healing happily though.  The body just needs the right guidance.
  • Sensitive to gut problems.  The “new” theory of the “Brain-Gut connection.”  Guess what, the brain has always been connected to the gut.  The bodies wiring has not changed for some time (enter smiley face).  Constipation, re-flux, food sensitivity, and etc etc can all be linked to improper balance.

Get your children checked for possible verterbral subluxations withing the central nerve system.  To learn more about Gonstead chiropractic check our website.


Overcoming The Anxiety Disorder

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Overcoming The Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorder is becoming a problem in the United States. Often simultaneously used in the same sentence as stress.  Distinctly anxiety disorder is an umbrella that encompasses a vast array of emotional disturbances.  With the disorder will come physical signs and symptoms that the body expresses.

Physical Signs & Symptoms Of Anxiety Disorder

  • Increased muscle tension
  • Dizziness
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Rapid breathing
  • Heart palipitations
  • Irritability
  • Chills/hot flashes
  • Many more

Understanding The Process Of The Disorder

To be classified as having this disorder you need to have a diagnosis.  Often times many people receive the diagnosis and then are left for chance without any direction.  Taking medication over and over again does not address the cause.   To understand the process think of the word anxiety.  Anxiety is a normal part of your life.  It’s actually healthy.  When it becomes aggressive and chronic in nature without subsiding then it becomes demoralizing.

First Order Of Business

Addressing the physical signs and symptoms should be the first order of business.  Clinically this is proven over and over again with specific chiropractic care.  Chiropractor’s have long been known to help with physical symptoms.  Then when the body is in a balanced state we can address the emotional part of the anxiety disorder.  Why?  How?  Specific adjustments actually restores spinal function which ultimately changes the way the brain functions.  An adjustment is like a computer re-boot.  It’s restored.  The key is to understand the root cause of the symptoms, easier said than done.

The Cause

When the body is unable to adapt, health cannot simply manifest.  You might say that in order to stop anxiety disorder I should just stop “thinking!”  When the body is properly connected (brain to body) life is at it’s optimal potential.  After a specific adjustment the body establishes proper connection with the pre-frontal cortex in the brain.  Think of the pre-frontal cortex as the “OG” (orignal gangster for those of us who dont know slang) the “HEAD HONCHO.”  Use whatever adjective you find appropriate.  Fact of the matter is that you need to maintain your health through specific chiropractic care.  Learn more and ask more.  Simple way is to contact us.

Bid The Job Through X-rays

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Bid The Job Through X-rays

Anybody that has ever been involved in a renovation or house project knows about the “Bid.”  There are lots of factors to consider when someone gives another person a bid.  Usually the number one thing that makes it or breaks it for somebody is the cost.  What determines the difference between pricing from one contractor to the next?  Your guess is just as good as mine.  Obliviously, they have their reasons for what they do and how they handle their business.  What about if they had x-rays?

How To See More About The Problem

A great tool that has been utilized for helping locate the source and cause of problems for health care is x-rays.  Imagine if a contractor had such a tool to use when bidding for a job that they could be so specific in their bid.  X-rays reveal specifically what and where your specific subluxations are.  Subluxations are what chiropractor’s are trained to locate and adjust if necessary.  The subluxation disconnects the brain body connection.  Imagine going in blindfolded when bidding a construction job.  The same can be said when not utilizing the availability of advanced imaging and chiropractic care.

X-rays Eliminate Guessing

Ultimately a valid tool to use in any chiropractic office is x-rays.  Obliviously, pregnant females and infants do not require imaging.  For everyone else the availability to utilize an x-ray is substantial.  Looking at the x-rays and understanding how they correlate with your overall health is what chiropractors do.  ​A healthy lifestyle, including regular chiropractic adjustments, is the cornerstone of controlling your quality of life.  To access and utilize advanced imaging makes sure that your care is different than everybody else.  Why?  Because everybody is different and their care should be unique and specific based on their needs.  There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter formula when dealing with a subluxation and how it affects somebody. Get your body checked.

How To Stop The Depression

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How To Stop The Depression

Did you know that the number one reason people seek chiropractic care is for emotional stress?  The biggest contributing factor to adversely affect somebodies health and well-being is their emotional stability.  Depression is the top form of emotional stress that visits our office.  Have you ever experienced the so called butterflies in your stomach before?  When we are emotionally distraught over something our entire body “feels” it.  People say I can feel the stress weighing me down.  Remember the same nerves that send messages to your muscles (where you feel things) also control your vital organs.

Chiropractic & Depression

Specific chiropractic care has been an integral part in helping people with depression since the beginning of chiropractic.  A natural solution for handling emotional instability starts with the central nerve system.  Heavy abuse of medication to suppress ones ability to even “feel” is not allowing someone to heal nor overcome their emotional stress.  Imagine having emotional stress on a continual basis.  Every action you attempt to complete as a result will be altered due to your distress.

The Brain & Rewards

The brain is made up of specific parts.  Every interaction you perform or think of performing in life is maintained via the brain/central nerve system.  Specifically when talking about emotions the part of the brain that regulates and controls those interactions is called the pre-frontal cortex.  All of your behaviors and your emotional stability is programmed specifically in an area of the brain.

The Adjustment

Guess what happens when your body is fully connected with no limitations?  After a specific adjustment is administered, your body has no other option but to establish proper connection with your pre-frontal cortex.  Ultimately it’s the game changer.  Hormone’s, endorphin’s, and an overall sense of healing is established.  Like releasing the air in an inflated balloon, chiropractic adjustments reduce the stress and tension and.  The research is out there, do your own and just Google depression and chiropractic.  Enjoy healing.





Ready For Optimal Function?

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Ready For Optimal Function?

The beginning of the year makes for lots of changes within our lives.  Whether we are looking to change our diet, exercise routine, business strategy or whatever it is, change has to occur.  Most individuals are scared of change, that’s why we typically wait for a change in the year to mark the point.  We need a fresh starting point and the new year is that point.  Having our body perform at optimal function is the making of the strongest foundation you can set for yourself.  Your first course of action should be to optimize your own natural health and healing from the inside out.

Optimal Function Begins When?

Being healthy begins when you want it to.  Simple.  The human body does not take vacations and every day it is always changing.  Staying on top of your daily activities transforms into weekly habits and then lifestyle changes.  You have the power to change your life at any moment. Don’t forget that!  Make lifestyle changes you can implement today to improve your overall quality of life.  Get your hands dirty and get to work.  Some of the best things that you can do for yourself are always withing reach.

Enter Chiropractic = Optimal Function

Being healthy starts with taking care of your inside first and foremost.  Chiropractic care focuses specifically and solely on the central nerve system (CNS).  The CNS controls everything you do on a daily basis to even how you digest your food and what nutrients you absorb.  There is no secret in wanting and maintaining a healthy functioning body.  Make sure you CNS is properly connected and working at it’s optimal potential ensures optimal function.  Chiropractic care allows your body to move  and operate correctly.  ​If things aren’t moving the way they are supposed to move, it will have a negative impact on your ability to function.

3 Ways To Improve Your Immune System

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3 Ways To Improve Your Immune System

Stimulating the immune system to be at it’s peak potential is not something that should be taken for granted.  Improving your immune system is a daily fight every single day, not just when in times of crisis.  If we only pay attention to our system when in times of need we will never get stronger in the long run.  3 simple ways to improve your immune system begins with the foundation of health.

Immune Support & Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care focus specifically and solely on the central nerve system. The master system that controls every single experience you have in your life.  Chiropractor’s detect and adjust subluxations within the spine that inhibit our body from functioning at it’s peak performance.  A disturbance in the spine has a direct correlation on how our system’s function.  The focus of chiropractic care is to remove any physiological blocks to the proper expression of the body’s innate wisdom.  Specific chiropractic adjustments stimulate white blood cell production to boost your overall immunity…naturally!

Eating Right

Eating clean and choosing the right food has not changed.  Regardless of the newest and latest diet or health fad, choosing the right food is staying away from processed and pre-packaged food.  Let thy food be thy medicine is a saying that will stand the test of time.  Staying properly hydrated and maintaining regular consumption of vegetables, fruits, and protein allows your body to flourish.

Get Up & Workout

Exercises such as walking, swimming, yoga, Pilates, bicycling, martial arts, and bodybuilding all help your body.  Having a strong functioning musculoskeletal  is just the tip of the iceberg for working out.  Exercising has countless benefits for your overall body in general.  Choose fun activities that you enjoy so you can keep doing them and get the results you are looking for.