Our “Why” For 2018 – Basler Family Chiropractic

Our “Why” For 2018 – Basler Family Chiropractic

Our “Why” is a conglomerate of our vision, mission, purpose and goals for our office in 2018.  While these statements might not mean a lot to some, it is what defines us and gives our work meaning.  It gives us our “Why.”   If we focus solely on purpose without goals, it will lead to burnouts.  On the other hand, focusing on all goals without purpose will lead to destruction. We strive to find the perfect balance of purpose and goal setting.  We will be the top beacon of hope for those in our community who are looking for specific HEALTH care.

Why Do We Do What We Do

We don’t do what we do simply because we are supposed to, but also because we NEED to.  As a chiropractic office our top responsibility is to get the sick better and keep the healthy well.  We do this by offering our top service and our ONLY service which is specific Gonstead adjustments to the spine.  Why?  Although the scope of chiropractic practice may differ from office to office and state to state, WE will not lose sight of the definition of chiropractic.

The definition of chiropractic by Dr. B.J. Palmer The Developer Of Chiropractic.  Chiropractic is a philosophy, science and art of things natural; a system of adjusting the segments of the spinal column by hand only, for the correction of dis-ease. 

Why We Are Different

At Basler Family Chiropractic we are experts at detecting and correcting vertebral subluxations of the spinal column.  Why?  Simple, it’s what we went to school to learn how to do.  Serving the masses of our community one adjustment at a time.  We are only different because we actually do what we are supposed to do…check the spine and adjust the spine.  We do not do any other adjunctive therapies such as using mechanical apparatus, drugs, stretching, heat, diets, supplements, and the list goes on.  Our why is to serve you and your family with health.  We are more than a Doctor’s office. We are a FAMILY. We are a LIFESTYLE. We are a MOVEMENT. #getchecked